‘Black’ Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘Black’

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By Shambha Shivaa 

Black!! they say a negative emotion
something inferior, even an bad omen
distincted often calling it ugly
little they know, it’s the optimum
be it the kohl in a lady’s eyes
or the tranquility of a solemn night
or the color of a toiling hand
it’s the essence of the universe
whole on it’s own
beauty that’s undeterred.

By Debra Pry 

Tell me your darkest secrets, when your world is black.
Tell me those about those parts, that are broken
The parts that you hide from the world
For fear of rejection.
Tell me about love,and who broke you.
All the beautiful things that you think no one will love, scars and all
And then I’ll tell you, it doesn’t matter..
Because we are all broken.

By Michael Hodder 

Shades Of Grey

All is fair in love and war
Black and white make all shades of grey
No rule, regulation or law
Can enforce nature to its way

To tolerate is to ignore
Ignorance reigns on whom implore
Sloth, greed, envy, lust and some more
Wrath, pride and gluttony galore

Faithless a soul becomes a sore
Hopeless to healing anymore
Loveless we hate and suffer more
These shades of grey we must abhor.

By Catriona Manby 

Sitting in church. Incense smokes.
I want to disappear,
like faint, black smoke in the wind.
I leave quietly.
Walk swiftly up the wet, black road.
Do I belong there anymore?
Sitting at home.
I eat reduced price sandwiches.
Beetroot and feta cheese.
I drink coffee.

By Akanksha Agrawal 

Black is the colour of negativity shows the dark eerie night.
The night might be dreadful but I know that the morning is not so far.
That’s why I’m finding my fortunate stars embedded on the black colored sky
which are writing the destiny of tomorrow’s morning.

By Jason Lawton 

I heard this joke once, instead of laughter, a melancholy started to drown me.
It was the realization that my sense of humor had either expired or packed its bags, taking its leave of me.
It was for the best, it led me down dark paths.
The things, in a past life, I would poke at in jest, now, seemingly haunting me in waking and uncomfortable sleeping hours.
Teasing my nerves gently in order to trigger body movement enough to make me wake with a jump, forcing me to sit up for hours waiting for my mistress, sleep, to come hold me.
I heard this joke, my breath left me, lungs deflating, choking on the absence of life.
I lay crippled, crumpled into the corner, weeping and leaking thoughts.
I heard this joke, I felt my soul being ground into a fine powder, then being blown into the breeze, to be carried to all ends of the world.
I’ve always wanted to travel.
One joke, once heard, hurt once.

By Jovylyn Maniacup 

Back then, BLACK isn’t my color.
I was red, blue, pink and yellow.
’cause I know BLACK is a nonsense color.

But as I grow older, bigger and matured,
I’ve been realized that BLACK is meaningful.
Without it, Stars won’t shine.
Just like life, without darkness it won’t find its sunshine

By Jan Maxine Banag 

Her heart burned so fast.
Her love was so bright.
Before pain turned it as Black as the moonless night.

By Drishti Nagdeo 

Black, not just a colour,
but a symbol of valour.
Black, the most powerful,
the most peaceful.
Black, the one which lets others shine,
the one that has made the moon, mine.

By S SA 

Lost in the dark,all I could see was black.
But little did I realize that black is the beauty, which opens the door for all the things beautiful!
The black night, the dark clouds, the black board and my ” dark shadow” which has never left me.
and now, the “Black” is the most beautiful thing for me;
its not just a colour, but a culmination of all the colours, of all the things beautiful!


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