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8 Easy Ways to Give Yourself a Makeover

Give Yourself a Makeover

Sometimes, when you are looking to make a change in your life, it begins with you. At times, it’s all a matter of changing your own self-perspective, and the rest of the changes just happen naturally. On that note, we are going to discuss ten simple ways in which to give yourself a makeover and see the changes you want to see in yourself.

Start with an Overview

This will be a simple overview of the changes you want to see in your own self and appearance, so that you can plan the makeover. Try not to be judgmental on yourself, but simply concentrate on the vision of yourself post-makeover and list down the changes that needs to be made in your present sense of fashion, style and appearance. Once you have a concrete list of what you want and what you need to do to get that look, the makeover will become a lot easier to go through with.

Change Your Hair Length

Out of the few key aspects which must be on point for any makeover to be successful, your new hairstyle is going to be crucial. Perhaps the easiest way to change it up is to alter the length, especially if you have had the same hair length for a long time. The idea is to grow your hair longer, or cut it shorter, depending on your present hair length. The only important bit here is that the difference must be of a few significant inches for the change to be considered as a makeover. Growing it longer is a time-consuming process of course, but it generally has a greater positive impact on one’s personality.

Color Your Hair

No other part of our body allows us to experiment more than our hair, and while too much of it can damage hair temporarily, or even permanently, you can always just cut it off and grow it back again. With that in mind, do experiment a bit with your hair color, because in combination with a change in length, well planned highlights can completely change one’s outward appearance.

On the other hand, if you have plans to change your hair color completely, make sure that you get it done from a good place, especially if you have long hair. Also, in order for it to work as a makeover, the color should be completely different from your natural hair color. Keeping the shade close to colors that we naturally see in human hair (blonde, black, brown, red, etc.) is better, but it depends on one’s overall sense of fashion and personality.

Curl or Straighten Your Hair Carefully

You can either curl, straighten or sport both hairstyles simultaneously. Temporary curls and straightening can easily be done at home nowadays, but be careful not to burn your hair while at it, since it’s a very common mistake. Heat can and will most likely always damage hair to a degree. However, by keeping the damage to a very small degree, we allow our hair to heal itself naturally. If, on the other hand, your hair ends up looking like pointy sticks, it means that all moisture has been robbed from it, and that is not going to work. Try a hair moisturizing session and daily care routines to get it shining again.

Straighten Your Teeth at Home

Unknown to many, it is now possible for even adults to use clear braces and straighten their teeth at home. Clear braces from ALIGNERCO, for example, are nearly invisible and perfectly comfortable to wear even in public. People should not be able to detect the clear braces from a normal distance, or unless you choose to show them willingly. These cost roughly 5 – 6 times less than traditional, metallic aligners, but they produce results in half the time (6 – 11 months mostly) for adults.

They can also be removed easily for cleaning after each meal, making it a more hygienic process as well. To know how to order clear braces, or even night time clear aligners for that perfect, symmetrical smile, read more here.

Change How You Do Your Eyebrows

Eyelashes usually get all the attention, and they do add a bit of extra oomph for sure. The problem is, it’s more in the makeup category rather than being part of a makeover. Changing the shape, thickness, or contour of your eyebrows, however, can truly change your looks in a significant and noticeable manner. How our brows are shaped plays a crucial role in creating our facial appearance, so rest assured that if you do decide to change the way you get your brows done, it will definitely have an impact on your looks. It is up to you to make that impact a positive one though.

Eat Right

Take any food and consider the nutrients it provides to the human body, rather than its immediate source or appearance. For example, most of us benefit from a diet rich in protein, healthy fats, fiber and vitamins, but where they come from is not as important, as long as the sources are verified to be safe. However, it is the quantity or portions of each nutrient in every meal that decides the outcome, if you are trying to make significant changes in your body’s shape and muscle/fat ratio. When you can match your exercise routine and overall lifestyle with a complementary diet, you will begin to look healthier, fitter and better than before.

Change How You Exercise

If you don’t exercise already, then now is the time to start. Exercise on a fairly regular basis is necessary for us to stay active, heathy and fit. There is no makeover that can make you feel like a new person more, than being healthier from the inside.

On the other hand, if you have been exercising for a while now, it might be time for a change in routine. We do not necessarily need to exercise in any particular discipline to keep ourselves fit and healthy, which means that there is a vast field of exercise that you may not even have considered before.

For example, if you are tired of going to the gym every day and doing cardio, switch over to resistance training for a completely different experience and perhaps even better results. Forgiving your exercise routine a complete makeover, exchange your traditional gym routine with something completely different such as mixed martial arts classes, indoor climbing, or a form of dance that taxes your body improves coordination at the same time. There are only two conditions for choosing your new form of exercise:

  1. It must appeal to you
  2. It must be different to what you were doing previously

There is a third aspect to consider here as well, which establishes a more direct connection with your makeover goals. Different forms and disciplines of exercise are meant to help us achieve different results, both physically and mentally. For example, mixed martial art molds the mind and the body into a tougher, fitter version of their previous states, while dancing can help you become more confident, elegant, and balanced. To get the body that you want, make the switch to a new exercise routine that’s more aligned to your makeover goals.

There are plenty of things you can do to change up your appearance and increase your confidence levels. What will you choose?

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