5 Tips How to Build Healthy Relationships in College

Healthy Relationships in College 2

5 Tips on How to Build Healthy Relationships in College

Your college years can get crazy, but you don’t want to leave there one day and wonder what happened to all of your friends. This is the time where you can forge bonds that will last a lifetime. 

Your studies can become overwhelming, but part of studying and university life is finding a balance between academics and social needs. If you build healthy relationships, you will not only leave varsity with a degree, but you will leave with your relationships intact. 

How to build healthy relationships in college:

Here are a couple of tips on how to build these healthy relationships in college.

Accept that people differ

When you go to university, you will get to know so many different people. A university is like a melting pot for cultures and races of all kinds and there are bound to be differences. 

These differences need to be celebrated as it enriches your own life and broadens your horizons. If you had to write a book on how people differ, you would probably end up with a volume or two. On this note, if you need to free up some time for your soulmate, use write an essay for me service. The professional writers start building on quality work the moment you assign them a job.

The sooner you embrace these differences, the sooner you will feel free to mingle with more people and maybe get in a romantic relationship with someone you never thought you would.  

Listening is key

Dating in college can get rough sometimes, that is why listening is one of the first skills you need to sharpen. Not only do you need to balance your academic schedule, but you also need to make time for your friends and your significant other. 

Managing relations while studying abroad is even more difficult because listening does not just mean that you hear what someone else is saying. When you truly listen to people, you don’t just hear what they are saying, but you hear their heart’s desires and what they imply. 

When you become a good listener, you tend to have less conflicts and as a bonus, people want to be near you. 

Don’t be in a hurry

You will be surprised at how much you can do if you set your mind to it. This is why you should give your time to the people you want to build relationships with. One of the best relationship tips that you can get is to be present when you are in the company of someone. 

When you look agitated or look like you need to be somewhere else or do something else, people sense it and think that they are not worthy of your time. Giving your time for someone tells them that they are valued and that you care about them.

Put the phone down

The smartphone has dumbed us down when it comes to meaningful relationships. When you want to build healthy relationships, then you need to put your phone away and start interacting with people again. 

Looking at your phone the whole time sends the message that the person you are with is not worthy of your undivided attention. A phone has a place, but it is not there to replace genuine, meaningful conversation. 

Be prepared to take it on the chin

No one is perfect and neither are you. When you are on the receiving end of some hard words, don’t get on your horse and try and defend yourself. People around you can often see things about you that you cannot see. 

The criticism you get is not necessarily something that you want to hear because it bruises the ego, but if you care about someone, you will take it to heart and see the value in what they are saying. In the same vein, when you are giving some criticism, do it in the right heart and in an uplifting manner. 


Relationships can be tricky and when you navigate their uncertain waters while you are at varsity, things can get very emotional. You are merely beginning your adult life and there is much you still need to learn, but that does not mean that the road has to be rocky. If advice is on offer, take it and avoid the pitfalls of your predecessors. 

When you are at college, you have the chance to build lifelong relationships. You might even find your soulmate. The only thing you have to do is to put yourself out there and not be afraid to get to know someone. 

Author Bio:

Emma Rundle is a mental health counselor working with teenagers and university level students. Her expert understanding of the life issues that students face has made her a person who is greatly relied upon by parents and teachers. Her approach is to build confidence and a more career-oriented mindset that would help the young generation grow in a better environment.

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