3 Fascinating Drawings of a Real Psychics Spirit Guides

Real Psychics Spirit Guides

Did you know you have a whole team of spirit guides working for you, gently guiding you through life?

The first time I ever heard of spirit guides was when I attended a psychic show. The medium running the workshop talked to us about our spirit guides. How they support us and how we can access them when we need help in life or with our psychic readings.

It piqued my interest because I knew that our deceased loved ones remained close to us, but these specific guides were new to me. I was intrigued!

So what is a spirit guide?

A spirit guide is a nonphysical being assigned to you, to help nudge and guide you through life. They gently push you in the direction of your life purpose and help you overcome challenges and adversity you face throughout your lifetime.

Below are my own personal experiences with my spirit guides that have blown my mind!

The first time I tried to contact my guides was when I was desperately needing some wisdom towards my nine-year-old son, and how I should best tackle the parenting challenges we were having with his behaviour.

I waited until everyone else in my house was sleeping. Did a quick meditation to quiet my mind. I lit some candles, and I asked my guides what I needed to do to help our son. I wanted to know “did we need to discipline him harder?” Anyone with additional needs kids hear this often!
“Did I need to be softer, and always be his safe place to fall?” “Did I need to medicate?” “What should I do?”

The candles in my room began to flicker, and I repeatedly heard the words “love, advocate and believe in” over and over. They showed up as repeated thoughts in my mind.
I took great comfort in this and am now very confident that I am parenting him in the best way to meet his needs.

One of the most profound experiences I had with a spirit guide was sitting in a spiritual circle, with my mentor Lindie and eight other beautiful humans.

We did an exercise where we started connecting in with spirit, and Lindie stopped to ask if I had anything to say. She had noticed my telltale signs of connecting into the power of the spirit world. This usually is when I start relaying the information from the spirit I have in my presence.

I strongly felt the connection, but I had nothing to say. I said, “I can feel someone standing behind me…. they are almost holding my shoulders back, and my chin up, reminding me to sit up straight and proud, but I don’t feel I have anything to say.”

The person sitting beside me said she could see a towering man behind me, almost as tall as the ceiling. It wasn’t scary, but it was disarming.

Lindie then led our group into trance mediation, which is a very deep form of meditation.
We were guided to walk down a stone set of stairs and as we did so, I was joined by this man, who placed his arm around my shoulder.

I instantly felt that I could switch off feeling like I had to be on guard all of the time. That I was being looked after and I could relax.

As we continued to walk down the stairs together, we were also joined by loved ones passed. I recognised some of these people, others I had never seen before. I knew that they were from my husbands family, my mums family, and my dads. I was being shown these spirits to reiterate that I would always be safe and looked after.

It was such a beautiful experience and moment in my life that I will never forget.

Keep reading to see sketches of my guides, created by four different psychic artists.

Who are your guides? Are they loved ones who have passed?

I personally believe that we have a team of guides, some of which are loved ones passed, some are highly ascended beings who are held in very high regard in the spiritual world. Some are attached to us from birth and remain with us for life. Others float in and out to help us through certain parts of our lives.

For example, you may have your great aunt Doris as a guide, someone that you know of, but are not necessarily close to. You may also have an incredibly wise American Indian Elder, full of ancient wisdom. Who you do not know, but they help lead you in certain areas of your life. Most people have a mixture of these type of guides.

How you can connect with your spirit guides.

There are many different ways to receive messages from your guides. Below is a simple ritual that you can try.

  1. Set the mood by lighting a candle – I like to think of lighting a candle as turning my light on to the spirit world and switching off my logical mind.
  2. Take some time to relax and quieten your thoughts.
  3. Then simply ask for the answers you need.
  4. Thoughts will begin to quietly enter your mind.
  5. Trust that it’s guidance filtering through to you from the spirit world.

Remember, you can ask them absolutely anything! From significant issues in your life to assistance finding a carpark. It’s as simple as asking the question and trusting what you receive.

My 3 Spirit Guide Drawings – By Psychic Artists

Fasnicated by spirit guides and their wisdom. I decided to commission a number of spiritual artists on Etsy to draw my spirit guides for me.

These artists are starting from a blank slate, all they ask for is your name and a picture of you. The drawings ranged from $20 – 40 dollars, and the turnaround time was anywhere from two days to three months.

I received three drawings in total.

Drawing #1 – Nebula

This was a simple pen sketch of a beautiful woman named Nebula, a Goddess with a close link to the weather, the sky and the stars. I found her eyes to be enchanting, and I couldn’t look away from this drawing.


Drawing #2 – My Nanna

This one is so interesting to me. This is clearly a drawing of my grandmother! She passed away when I was just nine years old, and I find it so incredibly comforting to know she guides me often.
What incredible skill and talent this lady has to see and depict this on paper so clearly. I have provided an image of my Nanna beside the drawing for you below.


Drawing #3 – The Viking Guide

This was not a commissioned drawing. It happened by chance!
I was talking with a close friend who is a phenomenally talented psychic. She surprised me with this sketch she had just completed of my Viking guide. How amazing is this image, and how astonishingly talented is this woman!


In summary, our guides are always around us. They want what is best for us, and can help us access our own inner wisdom by removing our ego and opening our heart-space.

Try consulting your guides and let me know your experiences.

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