Zodiac Signs Worst Nightmares

Zodiac Signs Worst Nightmares

Zodiac Signs Worst Nightmares

ARIES: Being held accountable for the shitty things they did on a whim

TAURUS: Getting invited back out after they’ve already gone home for the evening

GEMINI: Being trapped in an awkward social interaction

CANCER: Allowing people take care of them for a change

LEO: Being naked in public when they’re not prepared to be

VIRGO: Any kind of ambiguity

LIBRA: Two good friends throwing different parties on the same night

SCORPIO: Letting other people see them cry

SAGITTARIUS: Absolutely screaming, but no one can hear them

CAPRICORN: Forgetting to hit ‘save’

AQUARIUS: Becoming exactly like their parents

PISCES: Venting so much that they even get on their therapist’s nerves

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