Zodiac Signs Who Have Weird Living-In Rules

Zodiac Signs Who Have Weird Living In Rules

Zodiac Signs Who Have Weird Living-In Rules

Aries: have a compatible messiness threshold

Taurus: dry off completely before getting out of the shower

Gemini: don’t bother trying to rope them into home improvement projects

Cancer: let them control the thermostat

Leo: always have breakfast and coffee ready by the time they get out of bed

Virgo: squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom

Libra: understand that college posters don’t count as decor

Scorpio: accept their clothing-optional house rule

Sagittarius: oil their expensive wood cutting board after each use

Capricorn: own more than one towel

Aquarius: turn off all the lights when you leave the room

Pisces: remind them to drink water every hour

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