Zodiac Signs White Lies

Zodiac Signs White Lies

Zodiac Signs White Lies

ARIES – Tells everyone they make $10k more than they actually do

TAURUS – Says the train was delayed when they really just took forever getting ready

GEMINI – Name drops people they barely know for clout

CANCER – Exaggerates stories about minor interactions with their crush

LEO – “I was literally about to text you just now”

VIRGO – Gatekeeps the fancy restaurants they post on their story

LIBRA – Pretends their fast fashion clothes are vintage

SCORPIO – Fabricates statistics to back up their weak arguments

SAGITTARIUS – Forgets about that favor you asked them for last week

CAPRICORN – Pretends to remember how you first met

AQUARIUS – Joins online discourse about the new prestige TV show they haven’t seen yet

PISCES – Swears they’ll keep your secret but is already texting their BFF

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