Zodiac Signs Unknown Traits

Zodiac Signs Unknown Traits

Zodiac Signs Unknown Traits

Aries: Being known as the “fun friend” but feeling very sad and misunderstood inside

Taurus: Asking yourself “is it really worth it/should i even waste my energy?” before every decision in life

Gemini: Shamefully deleting those rant/vent posts that you wrote on impulse the next day

Cancer: Letting your family/parents (specifically mother) dictate your life

Leo: Planning a cute outfit in your head, but its not looking that cute when you put it on

Virgo: Obsessing over a band, show, fandom, or hobby at every phase of your life

Libra: Liking someone, but when you find out they like you back, you run

Scorpio: Ending up sabotaging/hurting yourself because of the anger you have towards someone else

Sagittarius: Never listening to your own advice

Capricorn: Randomly thinking of embarrassing things you did in the past and cringing

Aquarius: Saying “whatever” to everything you’re told

Pisces: Only having fun at social outings when you’re drunk

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