Zodiac Signs Unique Specialties

Zodiac Signs Unique Specialties

Zodiac Signs Unique Specialties –

ARIES: Falling in and out of love in record time

TAURUS: Making plans that you know you’re not going to follow up on

GEMINI: Playing devil’s advocate even though the devil already has enough advocates

CANCER: Petting other people’s dogs

LEO: Spending money on music festival tickets instead of food

VIRGO: Slipping out of a party early without anyone noticing

LIBRA: Finding the cheapest wine with the highest alcohol percentage

SCORPIO: Throwing shade like it’s confetti

SAGITTARIUS: Doing the opposite of what their friends told them to do

CAPRICORN: Saying exactly what they’re thinking even if it hurts someone’s feelings

AQUARIUS: Lying awake in bed all night calculating how many hours of sleep they could still get if they closed their eyes now

PISCES: Ignoring their problems and hoping that they’ll just go away

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