Zodiac Signs Unfinished Business

Zodiac Signs Unfinished Business

Zodiac Signs Unfinished Business

ARIES: Anything that’s due more than two hours in the future

TAURUS: Still isn’t done harping on an annoyance from last month

GEMINI: Started rearranging their bedroom at 3 am last week and ‘have been living amidst the chaos ever since

CANCER: The multi-paragraph farewell text they drafted when you were 11 minutes late to dinner plans

LEO: The many tasks they’ve enthusiastically overcommitted to

VIRGO: Quadruple- checking their outfit in the mirror before leaving

LIBRA: An indiscernible blob of yarn leftover from their short-lived crocheting phase

SCORPIO: Has several old scores to settle at any given moment

SAGITTARIUS: Relationships they start off and are obsessed with, but that never sustain

CAPRICORN: A long con they’ve been diligently working towards for years

AQUARIUS: The screenplay they always claim to be ‘working on’

PISCES: The sentence they just trailed off in the middle of

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