Zodiac Signs Social Faux Pas

Zodiac Signs Social Faux Pas

Zodiac Signs Social Faux Pas.

ARIES: Having disruptive side conversations during work meetings.

TAURUS: Saying you ‘can’t’ do something if it’s even the slightest bit inconvenient for you.

GEMINI: Baiting people into gossiping more than they usually would.

CANCER: Alluding to inside jokes around people who don’t get them.

LEO: Referring to loose acquaintances as your ‘close friends’.

VIRGO: Thinking that constructive criticism is a love language.

LIBRA: Showing up half an hour late to plans you initiated.

SCORPIO: Telling your friend that their new partner has bad vibes (even though your intuition is always right).

SAGITTARIUS: Saying ‘what’s next?’ as soon as you get bored at the pregame.

CAPRICORN: Asking people what they do for a living when you first meet.

AQUARIUS: Prefacing your lukewarm opinions with ‘hot take..!

PISCES: Posing intense questions to people as a bonding exercise.

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