Zodiac Signs Regrets

Zodiac Signs Regrets

Zodiac Signs Regrets

ARIES: Dumping someone who’s super successful now.

TAURUS: Falling for that person you knew was bad for you.

GEMINI: The things you said when you were angry.

CANCER: Deciding to stay home & brood instead of going out.

LEO: The cringe things you used to think were cool.

VIRGO: Letting your friends coordinate the plans for once.

LIBRA: Everything.

SCORPIO: The one time you’ve ever opened up to someone.

SAGITTARIUS: Nothing, as long as you learned from the experience.

CAPRICORN: Making excuses not to put yourself out there.

AQUARIUS: Not investing in Bitcoin sooner.

PISCES: Drunk texting people, you’re not sure you even like.

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