Zodiac Signs Quintessential Traits

Zodiac Signs Quintessential Traits

Zodiac Signs Quintessential Traits

Never Have I Met

1. An Aries that wasn’t fearless and witty.

2. A Taurus that wasn’t detached and determined.

3. A Gemini that wasn’t easygoing and daring.

4. A Cancer that wasn’t loving and sensitive.

5. A Leo that wasn’t ambitious and power-hungry.

6. A Virgo that wasn’t comical and enthusiastic.

7. A Libra that wasn’t flirtatious and funny.

8. A Scorpio that wasn’t adorable and charming.

9. A Sagittarius that wasn’t independent and loud.

10. A Capricorn that wasn’t optimistic and bright.

11. An Aquarius that wasn’t creative and smart.

12. A Pisces that wasn’t wonderful and fun.

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