Zodiac Signs On A Hot Day

The signs on a hot day

Zodiac Signs On A Hot Day


Taurus: Pool pool pool pool pool pool pool pool pool pool pool pool

Gemini: Smiles through the sweat like it doesn’t even bother them

Cancer: Spongebob voice* I Need Water!!!! I Need It Now!!!

Leo: I’m dying someone get me an ice-cold lemonade and an air-conditioned room STAT

Virgo: Just think of cold stuff. Ice… snow… Antarctica… Antarctica would probably melt in this heat.. Oh Crap, It’s So Hot Out

Libra: Sits in the shade like a freaking SMART person, goddammit

Scorpio: Probably takes off their clothes because it is Too Damn Hot

Sagittarius: Plays the “I’m too hot (hot damn)” part of Uptown Funk. Too Many Freaking Times.

Capricorn: I wonder how long it will take me to die in this barren wasteland

Aquarius: Has literally everything they need. Is under an umbrella, has water, and isn’t complaining at all. Goddammit, Aquarius.

Pisces: ‘To the tune of Let it Go* a kingdom of Damn Sunburns and it looks like I’m Gonna Die.

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