Zodiac Signs On A Bad Day


Zodiac Signs on A Bad Day:

Aries: Easily irritated, aggressive, wants to be alone.

Taurus: Passive-aggressive, more stubborn than usual, ignores everyone.

Gemini: Snaps at everyone, insecure, overly sarcastic.

Cancer: Quiet, overcome with worry, just wants a hug.

Leo: Bottles in their anger, tries to pretend like they’re fine, just wants to cry.

Virgo: Doesn’t care about anything, doesn’t talk much, sulky.

Libra: Makes it obvious, takes it out on others, just wants someone to talk to.

Scorpio: Secretive, hides it, tries to sleep it off.

Sagittarius: Doesn’t want to talk about it, wants to be held and told it will be ok, anxious.

Capricorn: Stressed out, argumentative, overthinks.

Aquarius: Closed off from everything, listens to music, negative attitude.

Pisces: Stays home, watches YouTube, doesn’t want to ask for help.

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