Zodiac Signs In The Tier List

Signs In The Tier List

Zodiac Signs In The Tier List

Zodiac Men And Women

Top Tier:

1. Sagittarius women
2. Taurus women
3. Libra women
4. Leo women
5. Virgo women
6. Scorpio women

Mid Tier:

7. Gemini women
8. Aquarius women
9. Gemini men
10. Aries women
11. Capricorn women
12. Scorpio men
13. Aquarius men
14. Libra men
15. Aries men

Bottom Tier:

16. Taurus men
17. Sagittarius men
18. Pisces men
19. Cancer men
20. Capricorn men


21. Cancer women
22. Leo men
23. Pisces women
24. Virgo men

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Zodiac Signs In The Tier List

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