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When The Zodiac Signs Crave Chaos

When The Zodiac Signs Crave Chaos

When The Zodiac Signs Crave Chaos

When they’re craving chaos…

Aries: waits until the last minute to start a project so they can race against the clock and feel more accomplished when they finish

Taurus: leaves the house with no wallet and a dead phone

Gemini: invites people who don’t like each other to a small party

Cancer: purposely tries to seem off so everyone asks if they’re ok

Leo: spends money they don’t have

Virgo: overbooks their social calendar

Libra: weaves an elaborate lie they now have to maintain

Scorpio: asks questions they can’t handle the answers to

Sagittarius: hits up their on-again, off-again ex

Capricorn: biohacks their sleep schedule

Aquarius: initiates an intricate conversation that requires a lot of presence and thoughtfulness after a few drinks

Pisces: just wants to feel something but doesn’t care what it is

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