Zodiac Signs Bad Dating Qualities

Zodiac Signs Bad Dating Qualities

Zodiac Signs Bad Dating Qualities –

ARIES: Thinks of you as a conquest

TAURUS: Only has one good move and resists any attempts to “spice it up”

GEMINI: You’re never sure if they like you or not, and to be honest, neither are they

CANCER: Wants to swaddle you in a blanket and feed you like a baby bird

LEO: Absolutely nothing, they are perfect

VIRGO: Emails you a list of all the qualities that make you bad in bed

LIBRA: Keeps you on a pedestal and makes you pose like a Grecian statue

SCORPIO: Commit or perish, mortal

SAGITTARIUS: Will literally hitchhike to Antarctica to avoid having to define the relationship

CAPRICORN: Makes you sign a contract before trusting you with their heart

AQUARIUS: Sexually identifies as a gay alien

PISCES: Sets up a double date between you and your respective therapists

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