Zodiac Signs At A Restaurant

Zodiac Signs At A Restaurant

Zodiac Signs At A Restaurant

• ARIES: Resists the urge to flip over the table when the wrong dish arrives

• TAURUS: “I’ll have my usual”

• GEMINI: Can’t decide what to order so asks waiter to “surprise me!”

• CANCER: Gathers up everyone’s dirty plates and silverware for the waiter

• LEO: Tries to sit at the head of a circular table

• VIRGO: “Could’ve done with a tad less rosemary.”

• LIBRA: Waiter introduces himself* Guys, I think the waiter is flirting with me.”

• SCORPIO: Gazes into the romantic candlelight and imagines who they’d burn

• SAGITTARIUS: “I had cacio e pepe like this when I lived in Rome for 3 weeks.”

• CAPRICORN: Configures a way to split the bill 14 ways

• AQUARIUS: Overhears waiter being mistreated by another table and leaps to his defense

• PISCES: “I looove the vibes in here.” “forgets to look at the menu

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