The Zodiac Signs As School Students

The Zodiac Signs As School Students

The Zodiac Signs As School Students

Zodiac Signs At School

Aries: Most Likely To Run a fight club under the bleachers

Taurus: Most Likely To Show up during 2nd period with wet hair and an iced coffee

Gemini: Most Likely To Injure themselves doing jackass stunts at the party

Cancer: Most Likely To Be famous on Tumblr but unpopular in school

Leo: Most Likely To Customize their uniform beyond recognition

Virgo: Most Likely To Have a perfect attendance record since kindergarten

Libra: Most Likely To Fail their driving test (twice)

Scorpio: Most Likely To Lead the stage crew with an iron fist

Sagittarius: Most Likely To Drop out to attend a ballet intensive in France

Capricorn: Most Likely To Elect themselves hall monitor and class president

Aquarius: Most Likely To Believe their notebook doodles will make them the next Banksy

Pisces: Most Likely To Spend lunch period in the photography class darkroom

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