Zodiac Signs As Quotes

Zodiac Signs As Quotes

Zodiac Signs As Quotes

Aries: “Happiness is the only thing we can give without having”

Taurus: “I wish they would only take me as I am”

Gemini: “You write so beautifully. The inside of your mind must be a terrible place”

Cancer: “Broken hearts and tears build you into a stronger person”

Leo: “I tend to push people away because I know they deserve better”

Virgo: “They say I’m good but not good enough as if I’m liked but never loved”

Libra: “People go but how they left always stays”

Scorpio: “I noticed everything. I just acted like I didn’t”

Sagittarius: “I wanna go someplace where no one knows my name”

Capricorn: “Once you get attached, you are screwed”

Aquarius: “We come alone and alone we die”

Pisces: “Always pity the thinkers, for they are cursed with their own imagination”

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