Zodiac Signs Are Afraid To Admit

Zodia Signs Are Afraid To Admit

Zodiac Signs Are Afraid To Admit

ARIES: It’s time to give up on your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, marine biologist or professional athlete.

TAURUS: There’s a bundle of nerves beneath your calm exterior.

GEMINI: You’ve never seen the movie whose poster is on your wall.

CANCER: You have feelings for that person you’re pretending to hate.

LEO: How much effort you put into looking casually cool.

VIRGO: You’ve secretly worn the same sweats for six days in a row.

LIBRA: The boring tasks you’re choosing to ignore still exists.

SCORPIO: Anything.

SAGITTARIUS: You don’t actually enjoy your hobbies, you enjoy having a distraction.

CAPRICORN: You don’t understand what someone is talking about.

AQUARIUS: You don’t understand what you’re talking about.

PISCES: You forgot the name of the acquaintance you’re talking to.

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