Zodiac Signs And Their Traits Which We Seem To Forget

Zodiac Signs And Their Traits Which We Seem To Forget

Zodiac Signs And Their Traits Which We Seem To Forget

Aries: They’re really fragile internally, and you need to handle them with care.

Taurus: They’re actually good at reading people and are very smart, but they keep it to themselves most of the time.

Gemini: They support you no matter what you do and no matter how many times you change your mind about what you want to do, like your own personal cheerleader.

Cancer: No matter how many times you hurt them, they stick around because they understand your pain and think they can help you. You don’t deserve them.

Leo: They’re the type of people who put things back where they belong in the grocery store because they don’t want to inconvenience someone.

Virgo: They’re very creative and make some of the best storytellers, and they’re definitely not as rigid as people make them out to be.

Libra: They’re extremely loyal, especially to the people they care about.

Scorpio: They just want to have fun and live in a romantic comedy and have a happily ever after but instead the world is a horror movie and it’s safer for them to be tough and reserved and suspicious.

Sagittarius: We seem to forget that you can’t mess with them, because their minds are brutally honest and they’re a scarily perceptive judge of character.

Capricorn: They should be dubbed the sexual ones, more so than scorpio because they’re the ones more likely to search for intimacy without an emotional connection.

Aquarius: They try really hard, all the time, in whatever they do, and they rarely get credit for it; their whole personality is just them trying hard to hide who they are.

Pisces: A lot meaner than they’re made out to be; not that they’re mean in general, but they’re meaner than the sweet angels we sometimes see them as.

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