Zodiac Signs And The Front They Put Up V/S Their True Colors

Zodiac Signs And The Front They Put Up VS Their True Colors

Zodiac signs and the front they put up v/s their true colors

Stereotypes v/s reality:

Aries: Selfish & mean / actually kind & generous

Taurus: Lazy & foodie / ambitious & loves nature

Gemini: Fake & stupid / very smart & loyal

Cancer: Whiny & weak / strong & honest

Leo: Confident & attention seeker / shy & insecure

Virgo: Judgy bitchy / accepting & fun AF

Libra: Boring & loud / super fun & very shy

Scorpio: Mean & dark / actually loving & nice

Sagittarius: Social & crazy / chill & private

Capricorn: Dark & emo / funny & positive

Aquarius: Cold & weird / feels a lot, hides it

Pisces: Too open / actually hides a lot of shit

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