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Zodiac Signs And Love

zodiac signs and love

Zodiac Signs And Love

Aries: Someone comfortable, relaxed, someone who feels like home.

Taurus: They desire constant contact. Touch as a love language.

Gemini: Someone passionate and giving, someone who will take that extra step. The sort of person who loves you with their whole heart.

Cancer: An excellent kisser and a master with physical affection.

Leo: Some who makes small but constant gestures. Remembers your favorite foods, favorite songs and the names of your friends.

Virgo: Very cute, you’ll catch them idly staring at you, more than once. They also put in the effort.

Libra: Someone who is driven and solitary. Leaves you little notes around the house, responds thoughtfully to every text.

Scorpio: Tries to keep it cool and casual but is maybe a little bit smitten and has great hair.

Ophiuchus: Creative, passionate, a bit wild, can be pretty intense at times but in the best possible way. Constantly wants to show you new things.

Sagittarius: Writes you love letters even though you talk every day. Talks a lot about the things they like and wants to share their interests with you. Excellent cook.

Capricorn: Teases you, cracks jokes, your own personal hype squad. Impulsive, and may not make the best decisions but very protective of you.

Aquarius: Gives you space, understands that you have your own life, but enjoys every moment they spend with you.

Pisces: Considerate and asks for your input on things. Has intellectual conversations and spoils you.

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