Zodiac Sign Expectation Vs Reality

Zodiac Sign Expectation vs Reality

Zodiac Sign Expectation Vs Reality


Aries– Friendly & easy-going

Taurus – Serious, down to earth

Gemini– Very fun & open-minded

Cancer – Easily damaged

Leo – Self absorbed

Virgo – Innocent

Scorpio – Arrogant

Sagittarius– Cool & confident

Libra – Calm/ balanced

Capricorn – Cold hearted

Aquarius – Relaxed

Pisces – Weak & sensible


Aries- Dislikes most people

Taurus – A crazy dreamer

Gemini- Secretive/ hides a lot

Cancer – Hard to break

Leo – Huge heart/full of love

Virgo – Secretly very intelligent

Scorpio – Self-doubting

Sagittarius– Really awkward

Libra – Emotionally unstable

Capricorn – Very sensitive

Aquarius – Very shy

Pisces – Dangerously vindictive

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