Why Zodiac Signs Ghost

why zodiac signs ghost

Why Zodiac Signs Ghost

ARIES: Your text conversation got too dry.

TAURUS: Going on a date convinced them they’re not ready to date.

GEMINI: Found a new toy to play with.

CANCER: Convinced themselves you hate them and it would be best for everyone if they just ghosted.

LEO: Assumed you’d ghost first and needed to control the narrative.

VIRGO: “This week is just super busy for me.”

LIBRA: Felt too guilty to tell you they wanted to end things.

SCORPIO: Their ex texted and reignited a spark of hope.

SAGITTARIUS: Life is too damn short to settle!

CAPRICORN: They weren’t impressed by your responses during the interrogation portion of your first date.

AQUARIUS: They could actually see a future with you.

PISCES: They genuinely forgot.

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