Why The Zodiac Signs Settle

Why The Zodiac Signs Settle

Why The Zodiac Signs Settle  –

ARIES: It would embarrass you to aim higher and not succeed

TAURUS: It’s hard for you to let go of things you’ve invested time in

GEMINI: You enjoy seeming like someone who can tolerate a lot

CANCER: It’s easier to settle than to verbalize your desires and demand more of people

LEO: You have trouble believing you’ve truly earned good things

VIRGO: If everything worked out, then what would you worry about?

LIBRA: ‘Fine’ is better than nothing, and you don’t want to risk it

SCORPIO: If you don’t truly care, then you can’t truly get hurt

SAGITTARIUS: Energetically chasing dead ends in the past broke your morale

CAPRICORN: You’re afraid to raise the stakes and operate at your full potential because any failures will have bigger consequences

AQUARIUS: You refused to see the reality until the last possible second

PISCES: You’re most comfortable existing in a state of yearning  

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