Why The Zodiac Signs Fell Out Of Love

Why The Zodiac Signs Fell Out Of Love

Why The Zodiac Signs Fell Out Of Love.

ARIES: You went out of town for the weekend

TAURUS: The fact that you’re not an emotionless brick meant that you’re too much drama

GEMINI: You’re not interested in power games, and therefore you were boring

CANCER: You weren’t ready to exchange vows after the second date

LEO: They don’t think you look good together in photos

VIRGO: Your flossing regimen wasn’t up to par

LIBRA: You ruined the fantasy by becoming real

SCORPIO: Your relationship didn’t make their ex jealous enough

SAGITTARIUS: They see your need for reciprocity as a dependency

CAPRICORN: You don’t know where you’ll be in 15 years, and that, to them, is undependable

AQUARIUS: You earnestly like what they only like ironically,

PISCES: They’re addicted to creating turmoil in their life

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