Why The Zodiac Signs Avoid Intimacy

Why The Zodiac Signs Avoid Intimacy

Why The Zodiac Signs Avoid Intimacy – 

ARIES: You can’t accept that the initial passion will eventually fade

TAURUS: You know that no one can promise you forever
GEMINI: You’re terrified of being held accountable

CANCER: You can’t accept that you’ll never actually know someone
LEO: You’re scared that your shiny public persona won’t stand up to close scrutiny

VIRGO: You’d rather have a perfect fantasy than an imperfect reality
LIBRA: You don’t trust your ability to pick a worthwhile partner

SCORPIO: You believe that human connection is the shakiest foundation on which to establish security

SAGITTARIUS: You’re convinced someone better is always around the corner

CAPRICORN: You’re scared of being loved for you, not your achievements
AQUARIUS: You’re unwilling to risk losing your sense of self

PISCES: You constantly idealize past relationships

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