Why The Zodiac Signs Are Single?

Why The Zodiac Signs Are Single

Why The Zodiac Signs Are Single?

ARIES: Refusing to pick your battles because connections don’t feel “real” unless they’re intense

TAURUS: Taking a quick break between codependent relationships

GEMINI: You set a timer as soon as you start to catch feelings

CANCER: You resent anyone who isn’t immediately devoted to you and feel suffocated by anyone who is

LEO: A real human could never live up to your fairytale fantasies

VIRGO: Nobody has time to read your multi-paragraph Tinder bio

LIBRA: Shared your wedding Pinterest board on the first date

SCORPIO: Haven’t fully recovered from your 5th grade heartbreak

SAGITTARIUS: Planning to be an eligible bachelor until you’re at least 75

CAPRICORN: Love is a responsibility, and you have others to attend to first

AQUARIUS: You think it’s suspicious if somebody is interested in you

PISCES: Still trying to cut ties with your last two exes and their moms

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