Why The Zodiac Signs Are Avoiding You

Why The Zodiac Signs Are Avoiding You

Why The Zodiac Signs Avoiding You?

Because They:
ARIES: Assume they burned the bridge during your last big fight

TAURUS: Are still slowly deciding how they feel about you

GEMINI: It’s unconscious, you just haven’t crossed their mind lately

CANCER: Refuse to reach out until you apologize for something

LEO: Worry that you’re upset without them and can’t bear to hear your rejection

VIRGO: Are avoiding everyone while they focus on ‘a few projects’

LIBRA: Feel personally guilty that you two haven’t talked in a while

SCORPIO: Are testing whether their absence makes your heart grow fonder

SAGITTARIUS: Can sense you trying to become closer friends with them and don’t know how to politely de-escalate

CAPRICORN: Are holding back until they can figure out how to express their feelings without coming off a little bit mean

AQUARIUS: Simply have a higher threshold for spending time apart

PISCES: Feel like you’ve crossed one of their unspoken boundaries

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