Why Each Rising Sign Is Attractive

Why Each Rising Sign Is Attractive

What Makes You Attractive

Aries – Pure, undulated confidence wherever they go, they got a wicked smile that makes you want to go along with whatever reckless plan they have, leanness to them like a slinking alley cat, aura like an athlete that just won a big game, a natural leader

Taurus – Gentleness, you feel as though nature has just walked into a room, always smells good, they bring sunshine with their laugher, someone you can sit next to in silence without it being awkward, strong arms and broad shoulders that give the best hugs

Gemini – So interesting! always have something new to say, something cool to share. they’re easy to talk to because they adjust conversations so easily. Feels like the cool sibling who won’t ever tattle. someone who always makes the party better.

Cancer – There’s trustworthiness about them, you find yourself spilling your secrets and tears, smells like fresh laundry or baked cookies, always have something in their bag to help you, sweetly protective of their friends. round cheeks and soft features.

Leo – Charismatic boldness, they are always eye-grabbing. it’s a natural loudness and optimism, their smile can win over the orneriness of anyone. You won’t forget their face, there’s always something distinguishing about it. They laugh a lot, and it’s great.

Virgo – Gives off the aura of someone who is very conscious: conscious of how they act, what they say, who is there. They know what’s going on and they have things under control. selfless, they are glad to help others.

Libra – Charming, they are always making you fall in love with just how sweet and pure they are. they bring harmony and justice where they go, they are the best supporters of their friends. the type to remember something you said a week ago.

Scorpio – Has this magnetic aura, they’re someone who can see right through others, understands hidden meanings and intents. A good secret keeper. they move with purpose and people move out of the way for them.

Sagittarius – So much fun! they make everything more lively! helps everyone relax and let loose; they remind us life is too short to care. jokesters, they’re always making people laugh.

Capricorn – The boss! when they speak, they have gravity! they’re so hardworking, it’s admirable. They’re so funny too with their dry wit. they can get stuff done and they keep their promises.

Aquarius – Out of this world, in a good way. thinking of things no one else ever could. youll always learn something from them. The least judgemental of all rising signs, no one is below them hanging out with. So chill, they really don’t care.

Pisces – If dreams were a person, a bit mysterious and vague yet so precious as well. someone who has actually really good advice. Reminds you there is more to this world than materialism, they soothe the spirit.


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