Why Do These Zodiac Signs Call At Midnight?

Why Do These Zodiac Signs Call At Midnight

Why Do These Zodiac Signs Call At Midnight?

Aries: Found an abandoned warehouse they want to explore

Taurus: Wants you to sing them the lullaby they always fell asleep to as a child

Gemini: To go on a drunken rant about people you’ve never met

Cancer: There’s a bone they’ve been meaning to pick with you

Leo: Is having a rare night in and doesn’t know how to pass the time

Virgo: Had a fight with their roommate and wants to rehash it

Libra: Needs help deciphering a three-word text from their crush

Scorpio: There’s a body that needs burying

Sagittarius: Meant to call someone else, oops!

Capricorn: Finally finished their to-do list and is ready to socialize now

Aquarius: Threw away all their clocks during an off-grid phase

Pisces: Needs to hear your voice because something bad just happened to you in their dream

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