Where The Zodiac Signs Take You On A Date

Where Zodiac Signs Take You On Date

Where The Zodiac Signs Take You On A Date –

Aries: A cooking class (they can barely boil water)

Taurus: Straight to the courthouse for a marriage license (and a prenup)

Gemini: The bookstore (they’ll judge your tastes)

Cancer: The fair (they’ll be upset if you don’t win them a stuffed animal)

Leo: The VIP section of a club (they bribed their way in)

Virgo: The farmer’s market (might as well get some errands done)

Libra: A cool bar “nobody knows about yet” (neither did they until they saw it on Instagram)

Scorpio: IKEA so they can cut to the chase and see if it’ll work (it won’t)

Sagittarius: On a night out with all of their friends (you’ll realize that you’re also just one of their friends)

Capricorn: Mini-golfing (they’ll correct your form even if it’s perfect)

Aquarius: To see their favorite DJ play a secret show in a warehouse (they’ll abandon you in the crowd)

Pisces: The swing set on their elementary school playground (they’re going to tell you about their entire childhood)

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