Where The Zodiac Signs Keep Their Emotions

Where The Zodiac Signs Keep Their Emotions

Where The Zodiac Signs Keep Their Emotions

ARIES: Emblazoned on a billboard outside your crush’s house

TAURUS: Outside your front door, right next to your shoes

GEMINI: Thinly veiled beneath self-deprecating jokes

CANCER: In a box labeled ‘Caution: Explosive’ that you lug around everywhere and ask people to help you carry

LEO: Entrusted with fifty of your closest confidants

VIRGO: In the running list of symptoms, you search daily on WebMD

LIBRA: Right on the tip of your tongue, but you swallow them before they can escape

SCORPIO: In a vault whose key is locked inside another vault

SAITTARIUS: Converted into energy you can use to fuel a passion project

CAPRICORN: Compartmentalized in neat little containers and shipped to a storage unit in Antarctica

AQUARIUS: Hidden in impenetrable metaphors within your art

PISCES: Sewn into your coffee-stained sleeve

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