What’s Your Lunar Eclipse Identity?

Whats Your Lunar Eclipse Identity

What’s Your Lunar Eclipse Identity?

Use Your Day Of Birth:

1-5 Creator
6-10 Ruler
11-15 Guardian
16-20 Oracle
21-25 Angel
26-31 Seeker

The Last Number Of Your Birth Year:

0 Of Powerful
1 Of Cosmic
2 Of Divine
3 Of Limitless
4 Of Sacred
5 Of Radiant
6 Of Profound
7 Of Spiritual
8 Of Radical
9 Of Magnificent

Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Passion
Taurus – Pleasure
Gemini – Ideas
Cancer – Compassion
Leo – Creativity
Virgo – Excellence
Libra – Peace
Scorpio – Mysteries
Sagittarius – Truth
Capricorn – Wisdom
Aquarius – Revolutions
Pisces – Visions

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