What’s The Catch Of The Zodiac Signs

What's The Catch Of The Zodiac Signs

What’s The Catch Of The Zodiac Signs

ARIES: Declares feelings for you …at inappropriate times

TAURUS: Makes you feel at home …by never taking you out

GEMINI: Introduces you to friends …as their friend

CANCER: Genuinely loves you …after only two weeks

LEO: Proudly shows you off …because their ex is near

VIRGO: Notices things about you …and points them all out

LIBRA: Loves being with you …and everyone else

SCORPIO: Drops everything for you …then drops you

SAGITTARIUS: Full of surprises …when you want stability

CAPRICORN: Accepts your dark side …because it enables theirs

AQUARIUS: Would totally marry you …if they believed in all that

PISCES: Writes poetry about you …but doesn’t text back

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