What’s That One Thing The Zodiac Signs Still Learning

What's That One Thing The Zodiac Signs Still Learning

What’s That One Thing The Zodiac Signs Still Learning:

ARIES: Ask for help without feeling like they’re admitting defeat

TAURUS: Appreciate situations that didn’t work out exactly the way they’d envisioned them  

GEMINI: Hold their tongue when it’s not productive to comment

CANCER: Take things only as personal as they are intended  

LEO: Say no when they don’t have the bandwidth to do another favor

VIRGO: See themselves as a mortal being instead of a robot that can get everything done on autopilot  

LIBRA: Have a close platonic friend without falling in love with them

SCORPIO: Forgive people for their human mistakes  

SAGITTARIUS: Speak Latin even though everyone says it’s a dead language

CAPRICORN: Enjoy a leisurely day without feeling like they’re wasting time  

AQUARIUS: Sit comfortably with their earnest emotions

PISCES: Just live their life instead of romanticizing it

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