What The Zodiac Signs Should Leave Behind

The Zodiac Signs Should Leave Behind

What They Should Leave Behind

Aries: Your Doubt

Because you’ve been hurt before, you’ve been doubting yourself and others which has only been making things worse. You are meant to be confident, open and trusting. You deserve so much and once you let go of all the doubt and distrust you have within you, then you’ll truly thrive.

Taurus: Your Anger

You have to admit there’s a lot of anger and resentment inside of you and that’s something you need to let go of. What happened is in the past, think positive, and positive change is bound to happen for you.

Gemini: Your Idea Of Perfection

You are so accepting of everyone else but you have this idea of perfection and who you’re supposed to be and of course you can’t live up to that. Striving to be better is something to be proud of and that’s what you should continue to do but remember: Nobody is perfect and that’s perfectly okay.

Cancer: Trying To Please Everyone

The person who you should be worried about making happy is you. You care so deeply about others but it’s time to focus on yourself and stop worrying whether or not you’re pleasing everyone else.

Leo: Procrastination

You and I both know that you’re a determined person with a lot of goals, so why are you putting off everything for later? The time to get what you want out of life is right now, just believe in yourself and give it your best, I know you can do it.

Virgo: Your Insecurities

Despite being such a kind and loving person there’s one major flaw to you: You can’t stop criticizing yourself and picking your flaws apart. That’s not doing you any good and I know it’s easier said than done but this is definitely something you need to leave behind and with small steps and support from loved ones I hope you get there, because you truly deserve the best.

Libra: Blaming Yourself

You have to stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong. Because of everything that happened to you in the past few years you’ve learned to just accept the bad and blame it on yourself. That’s not a good way to live, you have to demand better and know that most things simply aren’t your fault.

Scorpio: Taking Everything To Heart

There’s nothing wrong with being emotional, that’s a virtue not a flaw, but sometimes you take it too far. Not everyone has a personal grudge against you and some criticism really is just constructive. You need to stop taking everything to heart and realize that not everyone is against you.

Sagittarius: Settling For Less Than You Deserve

You’re such a strong and amazing person, so why are you settling for less than you deserve? Because of everything you went through you now just go along with anything you get out of life. That’s no good, you and I both know you deserve way better and now is your chance to fight for it. it’s time to leave the settling for less behind.

Capricorn: Worrying Too Much

I get that you have a lot on your mind and so many things seem so important, but let me tell you, half of them aren’t worth worrying about. Instead of focusing on yourself and your needs you’re wasting your time worrying on minuscule things, this is something you need to stop doing.

Aquarius: Your Need To Be Superior

Because of your insecurities you have this constant need to be better than others. You need to stop worrying about this and just enjoy the moment, you deserve so much more than constantly trying to compare your worth to others.

Pisces: Your Need To Escape

In the past, when things went wrong, you’d look for an exit instead of confronting it head on. But we both know this didn’t cause you any good. This is something you need to leave behind, because solving the problem rather than escaping it, no matter how difficult it seems at first, is what makes you stronger. And this will prove to be the better option in the long run.

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What The Zodiac Signs Should Leave Behind
What The Zodiac Signs Should Leave Behind

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