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What The Zodiac Signs Fall For

What The Zodiac Signs Fall For

What They Fall For


  • Someone who has a sense of adventure and an upbeat,
  • Positive aura around them,
  • Someone who won’t get bored and have a ton of ideas of what to do


  • Someone who is trustworthy and will be there for them when they are needed;
  • Someone who will love them for who they are;
  • Someone who matches their energy


  • Someone who will always laugh at their jokes, no matter how bad, punny, or repeated it is;
  • Someone who will take risks with them and live on the edge;
  • Someone who can have weird discussions with them


  • Someone who will appreciate them for everything that they do;
  • Someone with a nurturing personality that can deal with their sensitivity;
  • Someone who can connect with their family


  • Someone who can give them the attention they crave;
  • Someone who can give great advice for when their impulsivity takes over;
  • Someone with great style and looks


  • Someone who is genuine to themselves and knows who they are;
  • Someone who loves the intellectual side of life;
  • Someone who is not vain or arrogant and does not judge a book by its cover


  • Someone who they can talk to literally about anything in the world;
  • Someone who can make witty comebacks and is charismatic
  • Someone who is diplomatic


  • Someone who will be loyal in a relationship;
  • Someone who can physically please them;
  • Someone who can be serious when it is necessary


  • Someone who is curious about life and exploring it;
  • Someone who is willing to take a global trip with them
  • Someone who is not afraid of new experiences, but is actually excited about them


  • Someone who has stability in their life;
  • Someone who they know they could succeed with and grow together;
  • Someone who loves nights in and comfortability


  • Someone who will give them their independence, but will be around for them;
  • Someone who will appreciate their mind and intellectual thoughts;
  • Someone who they can talk to about random subjects


  • Someone who will fall in love as hard as they did;
  • Someone who can appeal to their sensitive and quirky side;
  • Someone who is a phone call away

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