What The Zodiac Signs Are Waiting For

What The Zodiac Signs Are Waiting For

What The Zodiac Signs Are Waiting For –

ARIES: You to stop being petty and just say what you really mean

TAURUS: You to make the first move

GEMINI: The chance to finally get canceled

CANCER: Someone to ask them what’s wrong

LEO: The chance to say ‘I told you so’

VIRGO: The text that you got home safely

LIBRA: An idealistic romance that doesn’t exist

SCORPIO: Their exasperatingly long 2-day dry spell to finally end

SAGITTARIUS: You to wish them a happy birthday when they’ve hinted that they’re a Sagittarius 3 times in conversation

CAPRICORN: You to complete their Venmo request for the $2.50 you owe them

AQUARIUS: The chance to slip in a reference to the obscure article they just read

PISCES: All their problems to just magically be solved with no effort on their end whatsoever

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