What The Zodiac Signs Are Hiding

What The Zodiac Signs Are Hiding

What The Zodiac Signs Are Hiding

ARIES: The fact that they’re only pretending to know what they’re doing

TAURUS: Their imperceptibly slow rate of self-sabotage

GEMINI: Says they’re not jealous just to provoke you to act

CANCER: Their more judgmental thoughts behind a kind facade

LEO: Once lied about it being their birthday at dinner so they could get a free dessert

VIRGO: Their constant disappointment

LIBRA: Their flaws behind a highly-curated self-image

SCORPIO: The fear of abandonment that lies beneath their possessiveness

SAGITTARIUS: Tequila in a coffee cup

CAPRICORN: Their emotions from themselves

AQUARIUS: How attached they actually are

PISCES: Their crush, unsuccessfully

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