What Makes The Zodiac Signs Want To Scream

What Makes The Zodiac Signs Want To Scream

What Makes The Zodiac Signs Want To Scream –

ARIES: Any silence lasting longer than five seconds

TAURUS: Cozy-looking sweaters that are too itchy to actually wear

GEMINI: Audiobook narrators with monotonous voices

CANCER: Walking past happy couples when you’re in a mood

LEO: A surprise rain shower even though the forecast said the Sun

VIRGO: Receiving a “can we talk?” text with no further context

LIBRA: Thinly-veiled backhanded compliments

SCORPIO: Doing a group project with your less-competent peers

SAGITTARIUS: Not being able to correct a podcast host when they misquote your favorite movie

CAPRICORN: When someone asks a question that’s already been answered

AQUARIUS: People who leave all the lights on when they exit a room

PISCES: When someone interprets your thoughtful pause as an invitation to interrupt you

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