What Makes The Zodiac Signs Seethe

What Makes The Zodiac Signs Seethe

What Makes The Zodiac Signs Seethe –

ARIES: Having things you already understand explained to you

TAURUS: Public restrooms with no hand dryer or paper towels

GEMINI: Listening to podcast hosts, trying to remember the name of
something and not being able to chime in even though you know

CANCER: People who choose to be unkind to others

LEO: Watching your friends settle for less than they deserve

VIRGO: Seeing people get rewarded for breaking the rules

Libra: Being rushed when you’re taking your sweet time

SCORPIO: Crowd-pleasers and spineless cowards

SAGITTARIUS: When everyone at the party just wants to talk instead of dance

CAPRICORN: People who don’t pay attention when something is being explained and then ask questions that have already been answered

AQUARIUS: Feeling boxed in by labels, definitions, or expectations

PISCES: Being spoken over just because you’re not the loudest

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