What Makes The Zodiac Signs Most Insecure

What Makes The Zodiac Signs Most Insecure

What Makes The Zodiac Signs Most Insecure –

ARIES: That their abrasiveness runs the risk of alienating those close to them

TAURUS: That their general inertia keeps them from reaching their full potential

GEMINI: That their vacillating interest makes them chronically undateable

CANCER: Their heart, which they hand out like an individually wrapped Werther’s Original

LEO: That they’re too good at everything to the point that their friends feel self-conscious

VIRGO: That their body is mortal and constantly in the process of decaying

LIBRA: One day it’s that they’re dumb and only valued for their looks, the next day it’s that they’re ugly and only valued for their intelligence

SCORPIO: That the bottle they store their feelings in might not be as tamperproof as they thought

SAGITTARIUS: Constantly feels the need to prove their intelligence by being intentionally contrarian

CAPRICORN: That they’ve only written three books, started a small business, and discovered a new species of beetle, and they’re already 24

AQUARIUS: Having their social awkwardness be misconstrued as standoffishness

PISCES: They’re actually just one big insecurity wearing the coat of a dejected puppy

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