What Gets In The Way Of Intimacy Of The Zodiac Signs

What Gets In The Way Of Intimacy

What Gets In The Way Of Intimacy Of The Zodiac Signs

ARIES: Your romantic ruthlessness

TAURUS: Your inability to make the first move

GEMINI: The one-dimensionally charming facade you hide under

CANCER: The hovering ghost of your first love

LEO: Your highway billboard-sized emotional responses

VIRGO: Your impossibly long list of hyper-specific expectations

LIBRA: Your habit of mistaking any strong emotion for love

SCORPIO: The vicious guard dog that stands between your heart and anyone who tries to touch it

SAGITTARIUS: Inflated confidence in how much you can get away with without alienating the people you care about

CAPRICORN: Your inability to dedicate the time necessary to cultivate it

AQUARIUS: Your fear of losing yourself in another person

PISCES: Your need to prematurely force it with absolutely everyone.

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