Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign (30th Jan to 5th Feb)

Weekly Horoscope 30th Jan to 5th Feb

Aries: This week is going to be pretty busy for you as your responsibilities are likely to increase both at work and at home. A project that was stalled for a long time is about to get on track.

Taurus: You need to keep your cool this coming week as many factors are going to test your patience. Legal matters and business contracts will be the theme of this week but they will go in your favor.

Gemini: If you have been thinking about some voluntary community work, this will be the right time. You will do your bit to give back to society and will earn a good reputation. Stay away from conflicts.

Cancer: This will be a very good time for work. If things have been stagnant for a while, the coming week will bring good news and change. If you are looking for a job, start sending out applications.

Leo: You love excitement and excitement is what you are going to get. A lot of possibilities for travel and new projects. But things might get a little rocky in your romantic relationship.

Virgo: This week is going to be potent for finances and financial planning. Pay close attention to your relationships with work associates. Stick to your daily routine and avoid splurging.

Horoscope 30th Jan to 5th Feb

Libra: As your environment at home will improve, your focus at work will boost, leading to the successful completion of projects. You will be able to stay away from negative thoughts and be more productive.

Scorpio: Some difficulties may arise at the beginning of the week but they will be resolved with a little determination. Your social life will be active and you may get a lot of attention from the opposite gender.

Sagittarius: Be very careful regarding financial transactions as someone might try to deceive you. Your personality and reputation will be admired in your social life. Staying positive and optimistic will go a long way.

Capricorn: This week will need you to be more discreet and tactful, instead of emotional and impulsive. Don’t make any long-term plan without running it by your partner. You may need to put your family’s needs before you.

Aquarius: Investments in property or vehicles are on the cards. You might incur some expenses for renovations or maintenance at home. As you get busy, be careful not to ignore or hurt your loved ones.

Pisces: This is going to be a great time for career planning as well as planning for academic pursuits. Excessive workload might make you snap at others, so be mindful of your moods.

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