Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign (7th August To 13th August)

Aries – It will be a favorable time for deepening your love for your partner. You might set healthy boundaries in your non-romantic relationships. Creating a positive ambiance at home can help to relieve tension and achieve a work-life balance.

Taurus – A busy social life will bring you a lot of invitations for parties and get-togethers, but the planetary placements suggest that you will be more focused on your career. A profit, reward, or recognition might motivate you in this endeavor.

Gemini – Unexpected delays or miscommunications can pop up. Careful planning, especially in regard to travel and work, is advisable. Issues regarding finances that have been brewing for a long time are most likely to come to a head.

Cancer – Financial matters need to be handled with a lot of patience and care. This week will be a highly emotional period for you. So don’t get swayed by impulsive thoughts. A good time for working on creative or passion projects.

Leo – The coming week will bring a mixed bag for you. You will be feeling a little extra romantic and affectionate toward your love interest. At the same time, tension and conflict might rise, making your work and public relationships a bit stressful.

Virgo – You will be in a carefree and fun-loving mood, but work responsibilities and deadlines might curb some of your enthusiasm. It is important to set firm boundaries and be assertive about your needs while dealing with demanding work associates.
Weekly Horoscope 7th August to 13th August 2022
Libra – Your creative sparks will fly high, and some time away from work will help your creative ideas to flow naturally. However, be on guard for some tension between you and your partner as they might need to burn the midnight oil this week, leading your schedules to clash.
Scorpio – Conflicts among family members can make your home life a little stressful. Deep and open conversations with someone will reveal something important about your relationships. You will feel the need to divert your attention toward work and bring some balance to your life.
Sagittarius – You might want to shake things up a bit to break free from the monotony. Clear communication will be a key factor this week, and you are well advised to convey your grievances if you have any. Also, if you have been in two minds regarding something for a long time, clarity is soon going to come.
Capricorn – Romantic energies will try to sweep you off your feet, with someone special making a very loving gesture. However, keep a cool head regarding your monetary and budgeting needs and refrain from going overboard with your expenses.
Aquarius – A friendly connection is likely to mature into something more meaningful. A good time for romance and socializing. But things on the home front might go down south, forcing you to take some difficult decisions regarding your boundaries with a parent or a sibling.
Pisces – You must open up to your partner and share your desires and dreams for a more fulfilling relationship. Watch out for negative emotions like jealousy and hate to raise their ugly head. You will need to release your need to control every aspect of your life.

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