Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign (23rd October – 29th October)

Weekly Horoscope 23 29 October

Aries – Contemplating relationships, work, and money will change your perspective. Surrender your worries and let things unfold. It’s a good time for closure, so settle any outstanding debt or resolve an ongoing conflict. An open discussion will prove to be helpful for your intimate relationship.

Taurus – Partnership and working toward a common goal is the theme of the week. You’ll want to spend more time with your partner and this might cause your relationship to level up. At work, lucky connections will bring profitable contracts. Those who’re single might meet someone new by the end of the week.

Gemini – You’ll realize that you need to create a better daily routine and make healthy habits. Back this intention with action, and you’ll start seeing results. The end of the week will be highly potent for your work sector. Your value will be recognized, bringing good fortune to your career and public image.

Cancer – Follow your heart’s desire and do things that make you happy. You’ll attract more romance and pleasure in your personal life. You’re ready to take a risk and make a bold move toward your family or love life. It’s a time for abundance, growth, travel, and deep and meaningful conversations with your loved ones.

Leo – You’ll be pulled to spend more time with your family and focus on your living environment. This will be a harmonious time between family members that’ll make a positive impact on your routine and health. Matters related to property, like a purchase, sale, move, or ancestry might come up.

Virgo – You’re focused on self-improvement and a balanced lifestyle. This might lead you to take up a course, project, or hobby. The way you communicate is going to be important this week and can bring some significant life changes. Those looking for love or work partnerships can expect good news.

Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 October

Libra – This week will be highly significant for your work and finance sector. You’ll find the value you bring to the table is getting recognized, and if you’ve been waiting on news of a hike or promotion, your wait will be over soon. This will also be a good time for planning your financial security.

Scorpio – Be very careful of your thoughts. This is the period where the cosmic energies are so aligned that you’ll be manifesting your intentions even without realizing it. Tap into this and work on your vision board. Setting tangible and visible goals will get you closer to your dreams sooner than you imagine.

Sagittarius – You’ll aim for a better work-life balance and stop overextending yourself. You might have to set boundaries and say no to some responsibilities that were draining your energy. A quiet time of resting will bring introspection and new insights. You’ll close a chapter of your life and move to a new beginning.

Capricorn – You’re craving deep and meaningful connections in your personal life. A new hobby, study group, or group project can lead you to meet like-minded people. Tension can arise in your familial relationships, but remember to be authentic and honestly express your views and feelings.

Aquarius – This week will bring positive attention to your career and public life. You might land a fat raise or a significant leg up at work. Your personal life too will go through some changes, and all these might seem too much, but have faith in the process. You’re on your way to attracting great abundance.

Pisces – Accept uncertainties and changes to evolve and become a version that’s more aligned with your dreams. A new routine will attract your manifestations. So try out something new, like planning a trip, signing up for a class, or asking someone out. This is the right time to process unresolved issues in your relationships.

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